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Edge Labels, Splines, Tooltips

Edge Labels, Splines and Tooltips

This page covers new features and modifications in version 3.0, compared to the previous release V2.1.

  • Edge Labels
    Edges can have an optional text using the edge attribute OBJECT. Edge labels are usually displayed grey in the background. If the edge is selected, the text is displayed with the edge color in the foreground. To test it, you can simply enter an edge label in the edge attributes dialog of the new graph editor.
  • Splines
    Long span edges with intermediate dummy nodes (which are passing more than one level) can be displayed with splines (curves) instead of straight line segments. The spline feature can be controlled for each individual edge using the edge attribute EDGEPATTERN. The new graph editor can also set this edge attribute. The individual definitions can be overwritten with a global setting in dialog Options/Layout Settings.
  • Tooltips
    Nodes and edges can have a tooltip (pop-up text) that is defined with attribute INFO which is also available in the node and edge attributes dialogs of the new graph editor. Tooltips are displayed automatically after a delay when the mouse pointer is over the node or edge with such an information. The tooltip delay can be controlled with menu Options/General Settings.

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