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Berthold Hoffmann

Contact Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik
Universität Bremen
Mail Postfach 330 440, D-28344 Bremen, Germany
Visitors Bibilotheksstraße 1, D-28359 Bremen
Office MZH 3250
Attention! I moved recently!
Phone +49 (421) 218-64 222
Fax +49 (421) 218-98 64 222
Email hof@informatik.uni-bremen.de

I am a Bremen Senior Lecturer in the computer science program.
I studied computer science at TU Berlin, and received his Dr-Ing. (PhD) from there. (Details can be found in my CV.)

Areas of interest

  • Programming Languages (functional, object-oriented, visual)
  • Graph transformation (programming with graphs and diagrams)


Teaching (mostly in German only)


  • According to MathSciNet, my Erdös number is 4, and my Gauss number is 7.
  • NORIS/TUB Computer Science Alumni at TU Berlin
Author: Dr. Berthold Hoffmann
Last updated: October 4, 2018