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Specification and synthesis of Haskell programs

Sepzifikation and synthesis of Haskell programs Course in the summer semester 2003

Lecture: Wed. 13 -15 h, MZH 7210; Thu. 13-15 h, MZH 7220

Start: Wed 23rd April 2003


The functional programming language Haskell (known from the 3rd semester) allows one to develop programs three times faster than with other languages like C++ or Java. This is because  Haskell provides powerful programming concepts. Moreover, Haskell also supports imperative forms of programming. So it is a language which can be (and is being) used also for realistic applications. The functional nature of Haskell makes the specification of programs considerably simpler than for conventional languages. Moreover, it is possible to synthesis programs from their equational specification. This lecture is about the "algebra of programs" designed by Bird and de Moore in their book with the same title. It is based on general equations that characterize data types and programs, and is illustrated with many concrete examples, among others optimization problems.


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Author: Dr. Till Mossakowski
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