The Safety-Critical Systems Lectures Series

Contributions by

Jan Peleska

and many others whose names will be listed here during the next lectures.

Context of this Lectures Series

This is a series of lectures and seminars of our initiative Graduate Studies in Safety-Critical Systems. It is intended for an international audience of engineers working in the field, graduate students working on their Diploma, Masters, PhD of Habilitation degrees in computer science or electrical engineering. Due to the international character of the initiative, lectures will be held in English. At present, the lecture series is devided into three parts, each part planned as a two hours/week lecture for one semester:

Objectives of the Safety-Critical Systems I Lecture

This lecture provides an introduction into some characteristic safety-related requirements to be encountered when developing safety-critical (embedded) systems. We describe methods that are considered as state-of-the-art or as promising research fields for hazard anlysis, specification, design, verification, validation and test. Examples are provided from the fields of avionics, railway control and medical systems. While it is not intended to study a specific method in detail (this will be performed in Safety-Critical Systems III) we wish to give a comprehensive overview about requirements, methods and techniques that we consider as crucial capabilities for engineers and computer scientists involved in the development of safety-critical computer-based systems.

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