RevLib is an online resource for benchmarks within the domain of reversible and quantum circuit design

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Users' Perspective

RevKit is an open source toolkit aimed to make recent developments in the domain of reversible circuit design accessible to other researchers. Besides core functionality, RevKit provides methods for synthesis, optimization, and verification of reversible circuits (learn more about RevKit in general on this page).

In order to invoke approaches, RevKit uses a command line interface enabling an easy and flexible access to the functions and algorithms in the framework. This interface allows to create, modify, and display circuits as well as to call the respective approaches. Additionally, it is also possible to extend the framework with new functionality (even if this is not the main intention of the interface). The interface itself is based on the Python programming language. As a result, commands (or sequences of commands) can easily be specified and processed using a common Python interpreter.

The following document provides a manual describing how to download and install RevKit as well as how to apply the provided approaches and core functionalities of it (for a description of how to extend RevKit with own approaches or how to integrate RevKit in own C++-projects, respectively, we refer to the developers' documentation).

>> Download User Documentation (v1.3, pdf, 387 KB) <<