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EdMat Course Concepts collects papers on the conception of particular computer science courses or of special aspects of teaching certain topics. Several contributions to the column in the past belong to this category. They are listed below with the leading numbers refering to the respective EATCS Bulletin.

[82] Hans J. Schneider: Introducing the Parallel Random Access Machine together with FORTRAN 90/95
[79] Wilfried Brauer, Markus Holzer, Barbara König, Stefan Schwoon: The Theory of Finate-State Adventures
[75] Renate Klempien-Hinrichs, Hans-Jörg Kreowski: Algebraic Specification Goes Multimedia - A Few Tentative Steps.
[73] Hans J. Schneider: Computability in an Introductory Course on Programming.
[71] R. Morales-Bueno, I. Fortes, Ll. Mora, F. Triguero: Two Classical Theorems Revisited.
[69] X. Franch, J. Gabarro, A. Gomez, A. Vazquez, J. Vazquez: An Introductory Programming Pilot Course Using Java.
[64] George Rahonis: On Teaching Elements of Theoretical Computer Science in Greek Secondary Education.
[55] Hans-Jörg Kreowski: Conception of a Course on Syntactic Methods in Picture Generation.
[49] Sarah English, Richard Bosworth, Dan Simpson: Concurrency Cliches in CCS and CPN.
Giuseppe Scollo: Algebra in the New UT Informatica Curriculum.