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Starting the Graph Editor

Before editing a graph, you have to connect the editor to the uDraw(Graph) API. This can be done with the user interface at run-time with menu File/Connect Application.... Simply navigate with the file browser and select the graph editor executable file named "grapheditor(.exe)" in the "bin" directory of the uDraw(Graph) distribution. Note: if you do not know where uDraw(Graph) is installed on your computer, then display the environment variable $UDG_HOME in a command-line or ask your system administrator.

Graph Editor Modes

Another way to connect the graph editor is by starting uDraw(Graph) and the editor at the same time using one of the command-line options -graphedit (referred to as "-graphedit mode" for the rest of the graph editor chapter) or -graphedit_old (referred to as "-graphedit_old mode").

User Interface Reconfiguration

When connected initially using option -graphedit, the graph editor will slightly reconfigure the uDraw(Graph) user interface to add additional entries in the menus usually reserved for uDraw(Graph) operations (namely menu entries "View/Open New Graph in New View" and "Help/Grapheditor"). User interface reconfiguration is a new feature since version 3.0. Reconfiguration only works at start-up time of uDraw(Graph), so you will not see these additional menu entries when you connect the editor at run-time using menu File/Connect Application.... When you disconnect the editor by menu, all uDraw(Graph) windows will disappear for a short time to reset user interface reconfigurations. Afterwards you will see the standard user interface which is mostly identical to the interface configured by the graph editor.