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Using the Graph Editor

The graph editor application is some kind of "plug-in" to extend the functions of uDraw(Graph). For access to its editing functions, the graph editor adds some extra menus to the uDraw(Graph) user interface which are attached to the Edit menu. In -graphedit mode some entries are attached to the "View" and "Help" menu, too. In the "Edit" menu, you can find operations to manipulate the nodes and edges of the currently loaded graph, see node and edge menus of the graph editor. For more convenience, the editor adds some icons to the uDraw(Graph) icon bar to provide short-cuts for the most frequently used editing operations.

In -graphedit mode, the editor can handle several graphs at a time using the multi-graph feature of uDraw(Graph). Please choose menu "View/Open New Graph in New View" to work with more than one graph.

For a basic introduction, you can also read the section about the graph editor in the tutorial.