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Formal specification of software systems using CASL and extensions


Formal specification helps to increase the quality and reliability of software systems.
Initiated by the IFIP Working Group 1.3 and the former Working Group COMPASS, in 1995 the Common Framework Initiative for Specification and Development (CoFI) was started. The goal is to design a Common Framework for Algebraic Specification. The design of the central language CASL has been finished and a first set of tools is available.

In Bremen, work concentrates on several extensions of CASL. For each extension, design, semantics as well as tools are being developed.

  • CASL  - the central language
  • HasCASL  - specification of functional programs
  • CSP-CASL  - specification of reactive systems
  • CoCASL  - coalgebraic specification
  • HetCASL - heterogeneous specification using different logics
  • Methodology and applications
  • Hets, the Heterogeneous tool set, providing tool support for the above languages


Author: Dr. Till Mossakowski
  Group BKB 
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