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Turn Indicator Model Rev. 1.6


With version 1.6, the model has been transferred into an Artisan Studio SysML Model. The Enterprise Architect UML model is still maintained and both models are semantically equivalent. The SysML model contains requirements that are linked to model elements and can be traced automatically into the generated test procedures and test results. The following links provide access to the model from different perspectives. A general description of the model is given, as well as HTML view providing a package browser functionality into the model. Both model variants are available in the standard XMI format, as well as the tool-native export formats. The following links provide detailed information to the benchmark test procedures and tool information.

Changes with respect to older model revisions.
  • From Rev. 1.5 to Rev. 1.6: Fixed Livelock in sub component OnOffDuration.
  • From Rev. 1.4 to Rev. 1.5: Transition from UML model to SysML model and definition of requirements tracing.
  • From Rev. 1.3 to Rev. 1.4: Minor corrections in the model.
  • From Rev. 1.2 to Rev. 1.3: A superfluous unreachable "orphan state" was removed from the model.
  • From Rev. 1.1 to Rev. 1.2: Some guard conditions were corrected. Full documentation provided in the form of UML2.0 notes associated with composite structure diagrams and state machine diagrams.

Contributors. Florian Lapschies, Jan Peleska, Elena Vorobev, Uwe Schulze (University of Bremen, {florian,jp,elenav,uschulze}@informatik.uni-bremen.de);
Artur Honisch, Hermann Schmid, Peer Smuda (Daimler AG);
Helge Löding, Cornelia Zahlten (Verified Systems International GmbH).

Acknowledgments. The contributors to this benchmark would like to thank Daimler AG for agreeing to publish the Turn Indicator Model which describes turn indication-related technology of today's Mercedes vehicles.
Author: jp
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