Sixth International Conference on Graph Transformation

- Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Structures -

University of Bremen, Germany
24 - 29 September, 2012


Please note that the workshop times may change.

8.30-9.30 Registration
9.15: Opening
9.30-10.30 GraBaTs 2012 Keynote
Antónia Lopes
Surprise Session Keynote
Alfonso Pierantonio
Rolf Drechsler
GCM 2012
PNGT 2012

10.30-11.00 Break
11.00-12.30 Foundations 1
Behavioral Analysis
Applications 2
(Meta-)Model Evolution
Foundations 3
Revisited Approaches
Foundations 5
Structuring and Verification
12.30-14.30 Lunch Break
14.30-16.00 Applications 1
Graph Transformations
in Use
Doctoral Symposium
Applications 3
Incremental Approaches
GCM 2012 PNGT 2012
16.00-16.30 Break Break Excursion
Conference Dinner
16.30-18.00 17.00: Registration
Foundations 2
High-level Graph Transformation
Foundations 4
General Transformation Models
18.00 Welcome


Antónia Lopes
A Graph-Based Design Framework for Services

Alfonso Pierantonio
Coupled Evolution: How to Manage Evolutionary Togetherness in Metamodeling Ecosystems

Rolf Drechsler
Completeness-Driven Development


F1 - Behavioral Analysis

Andrea Vandin, Alberto Lluch Lafuente, Fabio Gadducci
Exploiting Over- and Under-approximations for Infinite-state Counterpart Models

Arend Rensink, Eduardo Zambon
Pattern-based Graph Abstraction

Barbara König, Jan Stückrath
Well-structured Graph Transformation Systems with Negative Application Conditions

A1 - Graph Transformations in Use

Tamim Ahmed Khan, Olga Runge, Reiko Heckel
Testing against Visual Contracts: Model-Based Coverage

Trăian Şerbănuţă, Grigore Roşu
A Truly Concurrent Semantics for the K Framework Based on Graph Transformations

Christian Krause, Holger Giese
Probabilistic Graph Transformation Systems

F2 - High-level Graph Transformation

Hartmut Ehrig, Reiko Heckel, Frank Hermann, Ulrike Golas
Parallelism and Concurrency of Stochastic Graph Transformations

Michael Löwe
Refined Graph Rewriting in Span-Categories - A Framework for Algebraic Graph Transformation

Fernando Orejas, Artur Boronat, Nicos Mylonakis
Borrowed Contexts for Attributed Graphs

A2 - (Meta-)Model Evolution

Gabriele Taentzer, Florian Mantz, Yngve Lamo
Co-Transformation of Graphs and Type Graphs with Application to Model Co-Evolution

Bernhard Westfechtel, Manfred Nagl
Graph Transformations for Evolving Domain Knowledge

Anthony Anjorin, Andy Schürr, Gabriele Taentzer
Construction of Integrity Preserving Triple Graph Grammars

F3 - Revisited Approaches

Ulrike Golas, Leen Lambers, Hartmut Ehrig, Holger Giese
Toward Bridging the Gap between Formal Foundations and Current Practice for Triple Graph Grammars

Dominique Duval, Rachid Echahed, Frederic Prost
Graph Transformation with Focus on Incident Edges

Takahito Aoto, Jeroen Ketema
Rational Term Rewriting Revisited: Decidability and Confluence

A3 - Incremental Approaches

Gábor Bergmann, Dóra Horváth, Ákos Horváth
Applying Incremental Graph Transformation to Existing Models in Relational Databases

Gábor Bergmann, Istvan Rath, Tamás Szabó, Paolo Torrini, Dániel Varró
Incremental Pattern Matching for Efficient Computation of Transitive Closures

Marius Lauder, Anthony Anjorin, Gergely Varró, Andy Schürr
Efficient Model Synchronization with Precedence Triple Graph Grammars

F4 - General Transformation Models

Ulrike Golas
A General Attribution Concept for Models in M-adhesive Transformation Systems

Reiko Heckel
DPO Transformation with Open Maps

Annegret Habel, Detlef Plump
M,N-Adhesive Transformation Systems

F5 - Structuring and Verification

Amir Hossein Ghamarian, Arend Rensink
Generalised Compositionality in Graph Transformation

Holger Giese, Leen Lambers
Towards Automatic Verification of Behavior Preservation for Model Transformation via Invariant Checking

Christoph Blume, Harrie Jan Sander Bruggink, Dominik Engelke, Barbara König
Efficient Symbolic Implementation of Graph Automata with Applications to Invariant Checking


Yongzhi Ong
Multi-scale Rule-based Graph Transformation using the Programming Language XL

Christopher M. Poskitt
Verification of Graph Programs

Andrea Vandin
Specification and Verification of Modal Properties for Structured Systems

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