Embedded System Security: Cryptographic Challenges and Physical Threats

The security of embedded systems and IoT devices pose a large variety of challenges for security designers: this includes, for example, the requirement for cryptographic services that provide solid security guarantees for applications on the upper layer. However, those cryptographic services need to be efficient, leak-free, tamper-proof and still inexpensive to implement. This talk highlights the different dimensions and problems that need to be tackled in the design process of secure cryptographic hardware and processor systems.

  • Part 1: Introduction
    • Security Challenges for IoT Devices
    • Security Requirements for the IoT
    • Challenges for Embedded/IoT Security
  • Part 2: Cryptographic Basics and Algorithms for Embedded Devices
    • Symmetric Cryptography
    • Asymmetric Cryptography
  • Part 3: Physical Threats in the IoT
    • Side-Channels Analysis & Countermeasures
    • Fault-Injection Attacks & Countermeasures
    • Reverse Engineering & Tamper Resistance
  • Part 4: Cryptographic Processors & Solutions
    • Hardened Cryptographic Co-Processors for the IoT