Algorithmic game theory

Instructor: Dr. Meghyn Bienvenu

K2 (Vertiefung), Modulbereich Theorie

Summer semester 2010

Di 10-12, MZH 1460

Course description

Algorithmic game theory lies at the intersection of economics and theoretical computer science.
This course provides a brief introduction to this growing field of research.

Tentative list of topics:


18.05.10: Makeup class will be held on May 25 from 8:30-10 in room MZH 3150.

27.04.10: Class cancelled on 11.05.10. A makeup class will be scheduled for last week of May.


Either an oral exam, or homework + Fachgespräch.

Oral exams will be about 45 minutes long and may cover any material presented
in the lecture or in the homework. During the first five minutes of the exam,
students will have the option of discussing a subject of their choice.

Exams and Fachgespräch will both be held between September 7th and September 24th.
Students should contact Meghyn by email to set up an appointment for an exam.

Students must complete the evaluation form for the course (available here) and bring it
with them to their exam. I will only look at the form after assigning a grade, so please
answer honestly.


Homework assignments